Newbie again. Lol. BoSe and Selenium questions.

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by firelight27, May 2, 2009.

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    I am looking at what shots to give my new goat. I think I'll hold off a little as she is pregnant and I want to wait until closer to kidding time so the kids can get the full benefit. I read that a month prior to kidding is correct. I THINK she is two months out, so I was planning on giving her the shots the first week in June.

    In any case, I'll definitely be giving the CD/T. They do carry it at Big R, but they sell it in a big bottle. I have always gotten shots in syringes that were already filled with correct amount in little packages (for horses), or in tiny bottles with the exact amount to use (for dogs/cats.) How much do I give my goat? She is a nigerian dwaf.

    I have heard some people say that giving Bose when not needed can cause problems, because they can have a selenium overdose. I do not know if we are deficient in selenium here, although I remember my 4H handbook saying Oregon WAS, but that was ten years ago! Lol. I live in S. Oregon. If I give it to her without knowing our states soil mineral balance, can it hurt her? I have been providing her with a mineral block which has added selenium, but she doesn't seem to be using it. I even tried chipping off pieces, grinding it up and offering it to her in a bucket, but she doesn't seem to touch it.

    I was told by someone goats won't eat the minerals they need, so you have to grind it up and add it to their feed so they'll eat it. Should I do this, and how much exactly should she get ground up in her feed every day? Also, should I NOT be giving her the selenium mineral block? I can always pick up a red trace mineral block. (The selenium one is green.)

    Sorry for all the questions, it seems a bit more complicated than horses because there is so much less info out there than with other animals. Goats are not popular enough among general society or VETS! Lol.
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    Questions are welcome ...don't worry about it ....we love to help.... :hug:
    yes... goats are more difficult with meds ...because there is alot of off label products ...that we must use....they are just starting to make "for goat vacines but it is so new.......

    CD&T is 2cc matter the age....size ...breed of the should say on the bottle...
    and.... it is ...1 month before kidding you are correct... :wink:

    I would call your veterinarian and ask if your area is selenium...that way you won't hurt her with an overdose...the vet can advise you what the proper dosage would be.....or if it is needed in your area...
    Can you get lose salts and minerals for cattle? It looks like sand.. have it free choice...
    The blocks aren't as good....they can lick it all day... and may not get all the selenium needed in one day...the lose salt and minerals can be put in her mouth if you have to get her started....Also free choice baking soda is good for them as well... :wink: :greengrin:

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    ditto to what pam said! :)
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    if she has never been given the CD/T shot before she will need the booster 21 days after the first shot. SO....that means you need to give her the first shot in a couple days so that her booster is 1 month before estimated kidding.

    As to the minerals - I wouldnt worry about the block and just go out and get her loose minerals for goats. Goats rarely eat the block and i have no idea WHY they sell it :shrug: You leave the loose minerals out free choice so they can eat as needed. I never top dress their food with it.

    As to your area being deficent -- if it was 10 years ago it more then likely is only worse so yah she probably could use a BoSe shot especialy if she isnt getting any minerals.
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    I am in North Idaho and we are very deficient. I give BoSe right before rutt to the boys. I give the girls a BoSe injection 2 weeks before delivering, depending on the animal close to kidding, and then the kids get a very small dose when born.
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    You are in a deficiant area. Most of oregon/washington/idaho are. There is actually a lady in central oregon that makes a blend of goat mineral specifific to that area. I used to get them when i lived in Bend. You may also be able to get it. If not Purina goat mineral or sweet lix is great. Like Stacey said goats prefere loose mineral over blocks. And they know when they need them.
    The CD/T shot should be given one month in advanvce and like was said before twenty one days prior to that if she hasnt had one. kids usually get them at one two and three months. I usually Give Bo Se about two weeks prior to kidding. My animals get Bo Se in their right shoulder and CDT in their left. makes it easy for me. that way if i get a lump i know what its from.
    The only time you really should be carful with Bo Se is around breeding time. I have heard that it can cause birth defects if given then.
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    I haven't heard about birth defects, specifically, but I have heard that with bucks you should give it at least 2 weeks before breeding, as it can make the boys sterile for a bit. But this is just what I have been told - not sure :shrug: