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I am new to goats, and trying to spot when my doe is going into heat.

Today when I went to milk her, she had clear, stringy mucus on her vulva. A one point, when she had tucked her tail, the mucus went stuck to it and formed a fine string from tail to vulva. She had not urinated recently, and this was still visible after milking, and the walk up to my garage where I milk her (uneven terrain, at least 100 yards), so it was some stubbornly stuck there stuff.

She is already a vocal goat, "talks" any time she sees people.

I also noticed my doelings, ages 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 months, really playing a lot earlier. And one of them was doing a lot of mounting behaviors. The doe is the head of the herd here, no question about that. The two babies are buddies, and wouldn't dare try mounting her (for size and dominance issues). If the doe was coming into heat, would other goats be displaying mounting behaviors, even towards a different goat? The one doing the mounting is low girl on the totem pole here, and the youngest.

We'll eventually be getting a stinky sock here for the doe.
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