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Newborn with hurt leg

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I have a doe who kidded yesterday afternoon. While she was cleaning her tiny doeling she got a little carried away and bit her leg. I checked her over and didn’t see any open wound, but today she doesn’t want to put weight on that leg. If I pick her up she can stand and nurse, but isn’t super mobile.
I cleaned her leg and I noticed a little scab on it, it’s hard to really see a difference but it may be a little swollen.
should I just keep it clean and keep an eye on it? Should I brace it? I can shoot a message to my vet and see if she would come out.
i considered taking her in and bottle feeding her, but her dam is being super attentive and I’ve been going out every hour to make sure she can get up and nurse if she wants to.
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I wonder if she got stepped on. You could give Banamine but it is a super tiny amount.
I agree with @ksalvagno . A little pain management could help with the mobility. Remember at that small there is much protection so momma could have bruised a muscle or tendon.
I too agree with being stepped on.
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