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My male peacock ran away, sadly probably eaten by a fox then. I got him when he was about 6 months old and paid $60 but he was the regular indigo blue. I left him in the big guinea coop for a few weeks as suggested- so that he could get used to the sights and sounds around the farm. And he had a pretty much full veiw of everything. After about a month we clipped his wings and put him in the goat pasture because we figured he wouldn't be able to get out and he had a female turkey to keep him company( but they will breed). Well 2 days later I came home from the grocery store and he was out running with the outisde flock of guineas. So I thought since they roosted in the barn every night maybe he would stick around. NOPE. He was gone the next day. I put an add in the paper and couldn't believe how many calls I got with people haveing male peacocks running around some from over 20 miles away. But one was right around the corner and we went and tried to catch him, but he got into thick underbrush and it got dark. Next day nothing. Just thought I would share my experice with peacocks. They are pretty.
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