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Nigerian babies with weird poop

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I need some advice I'm currently bottle feeding 2 Nigerian babies because the mom rejected them they are 3 days old . She had 3 but only accepted 1 . I milk her in order to feed the other 2 babies . I'm pretty new at the bottle feeding and goat thing . Today one of the babies started to have diarrhea its yellow she last ate at 12 noon and around 4 I went to feed her again and she refused to eat so i assumed she was maybe not hungry but now its 8 and she still doesnt want to eat . I gave her pedialyte and she drank some and I've just been giving her that is that okay ? I dunno what to do ! Im going to call the vet tomorrow but she hasnt ate since noon . The boy he doesnt have diarrhea but he seems constipated he cries when he poops . And he doesnt poop out pellets hes just a whole poop I dont know if that's normal . I'm just worried about them especially the girl .
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The yellow poop for the first few days is normal. First poop will be black then the next ones will be yellow. It just means they are getting mom's milk. It takes a few days before they start to form pellets. If the boy seems constipated, make sure his booty is clean. The yellow poop is like goat super glue and can stick to their backsides and keep them from being able to poop. If he has a clean booty, you might consider giving him an enema using a small syringe and warm water. The diarrhea is concerning. How much are you feeding them?
How much do they weigh? What are you feeding them and how much?
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Sounds like they may be getting too much milk. Good idea giving electrolytes for now. But we need to get them back on milk as soon as possible.
Weigh babies and multiply that by 16 to see how much they Weigh in OZs. Then multiply that number by 10% to see how much per day they need. You will then divide that amount into 4 feedings.
Ex: if baby weighs 5 pounds x 16 =80 oz x 10% is 8 oz of milk per day. Divide into 4 feedings is 2 oz each bottle. Some babies need less more often so you can divide daily amount into 5 or 6 feedings. Feel tummy after each bottle. You want a flat but firm belly, not too poochy and not sunken in. Adjust amount +/- as needed. Re weigh babies daily and adjust milk amount. Add a pinch of baking soda in first bottle of the day and a bit of probiotics in their last.

If brother is not pooping you need to do a gentle enema.
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I agree.
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