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    I have two bucklings available, born on Feb 22nd, out my doe, Piddlin Acres CB Ruby Slippers and my buck, Piddlin Acres BD Whata Beau.

    Ruby's dam is MCH Little Rascals Emerald *D and her sire is Piddlin Acres BZ Cowboy Boots.
    Beau's dam is Piddlin Acres BZ Whata Diva and his sire is Dill's XM Bo Didley.

    The gold and white one is Harlequin WB Tinman and the buckskin with white markings is Harlequin WB Wizard (though they have not been registered, yet, so you can change these names if you don't like them).

    Including pics of Ruby's udder at about 4 wks fresh with 15 hrs of milk. I am asking $300 each for these boys.

    Both are disbudded, tattooed, and can be registered AGS & ADGA. Can go home now if you want to bottle feed, or they can stay until they are weaned and a $50 deposit will hold one until you are ready to pick up.

    Edited to add: Forgot to mention, very important, these guys come from a CAE-free herd. I do yearly CAE testing on all of my breeding-age goats using the ELISA test and all have come back negative so far, including this doe. Plus I only purchase from herds that test as well.
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    Here is the second buckling, Wizard:

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    Too bad I already spent all my goat money for the year, else that gold buckling would be coming home with me!
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    Just a quick update, these two are still available and have been pulled from their dam to be bottle fed full time so they will be nice and tame and easy to handle.