Nigerian Dwarf 2 buck kids available in NH

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    Jan 6, 2010
    We still have 2 buck kids available, I just couldn't bring myself to wether these two.
    The first is
    Crazy Acres MM Lord Titan
    4/26/10 twin chocolate with white frosting and white splash on his left side
    Dam Flat Rocks JS Foxy Prize 1st freshening udder

    Sire: Piddlin' Acres W Marlboro Man *S (pending)
    SS: Sugar Creek NT Wils Winston
    SD: MCH Piddlin' Acres Neon Moon *D'E'

    Dam: Flat Rocks JS Foxy Prize
    DS: Dragonfly Jack Sparrow
    DD: Flat Rocks Everafter
    His dam is a gorgeous doe with a gorgeous 1st freshening udder, and his sire has a pedigree that speaks for itself.
    More on him and his genetics on my website at

    He is the 1st buck listed.
    Asking $350 AGS reg. but will discount to $300 to any TGS person

    The 2nd buck is
    Crazy Acre MT (you can name him)
    3/28/10 single black swiss marked w/ a few dark chocolate moonspots
    Sire: Old Mountain Farm Mithra (son of 2008 AGS National Champion Jr. Buck
    Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur)
    SS: Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur
    SD: Roundabout Persian Princess

    Dam: Crazy Acres HT Katie
    DS: Dragonfly IH High Tide *S
    DD: MNG Mist Minis Electricsprinkl

    He is just gorgeous, what a long , level buck, I would be keeping him , but I have way to many bucks right now and I have 4 half sisters out of his sire
    His is the 2nd buck down at
    Asking $300 AGS reg.

    I also have several adult bucks available too, all my goats are purchased with much thought and research, and are purchased for their bloodlines, conformation and possible milk production. So no culls, just don't need this many and all will be used on my doe's before they leave.