Two beautiful ND bottle baby bucklings, the buck skin is Dewey, the gold and white is donut.

Dewey- 6 week old bottle baby buckling, very sweet, blue eyes, registered Sire but is grade. Mom and dad are both buckskin mom buckskin dad, dairy lines are strong would make a great 4h project for a child or a great herd sire himself. $200

Donut- 1 week old bottle baby buckling, beautiful and flashy, gold and white, sire is registered but he will be grade! Sweet shy little guy, great 4h project or herd sire quality to produce some beautiful flashy babies with great milk lines! $200

Dewey and donuts dad is Burtch Meadows MQP Scotch Pine. Both are purebred Nigerian, moms are native on appearanc, had registered parents but aren’t registered themselves.