Nigerian Dwarf Buckling MA

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    So Im tempted to offer this boy as a buck- I really wanted a doe from this breeding, but alas we got twin bucks. I have him sold as a wether- but wanted to see if there were any members that might be interested in him first.

    Their dam, Mariah, is the littermate sister to Sunnydale Farm DAX Jumanji *S, who is a herd sire at Lost Valley. Her dam is Steele Ballew Lantanna *D who has won Best Udder 3x. Her maternal granddam is MCH Half Pint Flora who was the Reserve National Champion in 02.
    Her paternal granddam is MCH Lost Valley Callisto who was the 2008 National Champion. Mariah will be going on milk test this year.

    Their sire is a *S buck from some great Rosasharn genetics from his sire Rosasharn SS Watercolour *S.
    Their paternal granddam is Fairlea Clio who is an Adavanced Registry doe that appraised 'E' and has two milking stars.
    They are linebred on Kingwood as well.

    Here is a link to pictures (just born) and pedigree information:

    Here is their dam:

    Here is their sire:

    The flashier of the two is available for $300 as a buck to any goatspot member.