Nigerian dwarf buckling

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    Jun 26, 2008
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    ok so the more and more i look at aurora's buck kid, the more i want to keep him as a buck kid.. which is WAY out of the question for me.

    so i thought i might offer him to anyone on here if they were interested.

    he's black with white frosting on his ear's, muzzle and tail and has what looks like blue eyes like daddy. his color may fade to chocolate but i doubt it.

    I love the length that this little guy is already showing as well and the width and height in the escutcheon.

    mom is a FF doe that i bred. Really awesome udder, she is out of a Twin Creeks Storm Surge son and a Walk away Joe Daughter.

    I have been milking her and getting around 40 ounces each milking. no fore udder pockets and nice attachments.

    daddy is my blue eyed chocolate buck who is a kingwood grandson. since we don't have many shows for bucks around here i don't have much of a show record. but i have shown him 3 times when he was younger and he got a first a second and a third out of 16.

    for TGS members i'm asking 250. i willing to ship, though i've never done it before. mom and dad are CAE, CL neg.

    they aren't the best pictures, but i will get better udder pictures and baby pictures