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We have a beautiful blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf doe in milk. She is a chocolate point chamoisee with white markings, and frosted ears a little over two years old. She is currently nursing a doe that was born on 11/3/12. She is up to date on shots and registered with ADGA and AGS. She has a nice udder attachment. is a brown Chamoisee. The herd is CAE negative.

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Palindrome
Dam: Celtic-River BSS Sky's Elsie


She is still nursing her doeling. If is separate her for about 8 hours in the night from her doe I get about 16 oz of the creamiest milk. Since the doeling is still nursing (all day long!) I assume there is a lot more milk to be had.

I am 15 miles south of Dayton Ohio

I may also consider selling her doeling. She is a very sweet and friendly goat almost 7 months old. In the picture the doeling - Tabitha is wearing a sock hat because she had just had one horn surgically removed. All healed up now.


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