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Mama Goat:
I love this goat, but she’s too big for me. I’m trying to keep smaller goats that don’t outweigh me by much. She’s not massive, just bigger than my other goats. She’s about 3ish, maybe 2, and has kidded at least twice. Both times she had twins. She’s beautiful and has the genes for moonspots. She’s definitely more of a queen bee, but she gets along with the other goats well. She has waddles and is in milk, but going out of it. She last kidded on St. Patrick’s day 2021. She’s healthy, happy, has beautiful udders, and is the best momma I own. She’s not super friendly, but we have worked with her to make her more sociable. She comes for food and will let you let her if you have food. Before we got her, you couldn’t get near her.

We were told she’s Nigerian dwarf, but we don’t know 100%. Here’s a pic with her two girls. Message me for more info
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