Nigerian Dwarf Goats - Central Texas

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    We have decided to focus on our registered herd of dairy goats so we're selling our three UNREGISTERED (but purebred) Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and their 3 kids.

    I have three blue-eyed adult does (One 4 yr old, Pepper, and her two 3 yr old daughters, Bitsy and Domino), 2 doelings (one 5 wk old with blue eyes and one 1 wk old with brown eyes), and one little blue-eyed buckling (1 wk old).

    The two younger does are currently in milk.

    I am asking $150 each for the does in milk, $125 for the dry doe, $100 for each of the doelings, and $75 for the buckling. All are in excellent health and have been wormed, disbudded (except for the youngest doeling who will be done this weekend), vaccinated as appropriate (CD&T), and have had their hooves trimmed regularly. The 5 wk old can go now as a bottle baby or with her mom, or a deposit will hold her here until she is weaned at 8wks. The 1 wk old twins need to stay with their mom for at least another week before they can leave as bottle babies. Will consider making a deal if you buy more than one.

    Please see pics here:
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    Hubby would eat me alive if I got any more right now, but I'll send this on to my pals!