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3 registered Nigerian Dwarf kids for sale. One wether, one buck, and one doe. All blue eyed.

First one was born March 2nd, and is ready to go now, he's avaliable as a wether. Black w/ white markings and blue eyes. The runt of triplets, very cute. I took this pic today, not great, it can be really hard to get pics when they're climbing all over you.

Second baby born May 7th, and will be ready when he's around 10 weeks old. Chocolate w/ white markings and blue eyes. Avaliable as a wether or buck. $50 wether, $150 as a buck.

And third is a twin to the one above and also avaliable around 10 weeks old. Best I can tell she's a chocolate buckskin w/ blue eyes. $200

Sorry for the bad pics, they are always on the move!
Pedigree info on the buck and doe,
Dam: Tyny Swiss Miss
(Woodhaven Farms 1Azwhuppinbuck x Tyny Tsara)
Sire: Pride of Texas Puddles
(Pride of Texas Woody Woodpeckr x Pride of Texas 7 of 9)
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