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Nigerian dwarfs are perfect goats for smaller children

Wethers $75 ea
Bucklings $85 ea
Doelings $145-$200

multiple purchase discounts available on 2 or more.

((Goats are herd animals and require a buddy goat))

Reserving a Kid:
If you would like to reserve an unborn kid from a planned breeding, I request a $75 deposit for each kid reserved. Non-Refundable unless kid is deceased at time of birth.

Does are due to kid August-September and January-February
bottle babies will be available!
We should have at least 3 kids, as we are a small heard of 3 does, 1 buck, and 1 weather

Email me @ [email protected] to reserve your kid today or if you have further questions:)

I have breading with my buck who doesn't care if your doe is in heat or not!
Spartan is a purebred unregistered Nigerian dwarf buck his coloring is white and black. He bred my Nigerian dwarf does and had a very healthy kids. He is now ready for yours! You can bring your doe for a day visit/overnight for $35 or one week for $90 also, I charge $10 more if you need the doe picked up. we provide feed with a guaranteed breading so if your doe doesn't take you can bring her back to be bred again(I will take offers if the doe doesn't take I will accept almost anything). Email to set up a time and come see them and play with the does.
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