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I have two tri-colored kids available for sale. The buckling is a snugglebug and has frosted ears and blue eyes. The doeling is also quite loudly colored and very friendly as well. The Dam and buck are AGS registered but I will also be registering the doe ADGA.

The buckling is on the left and the doeling is on the right. (The doeling in the back is being retained)

Here is the buckling. We have him priced at $ 200 The kids have given him an unfortunate name at someone's "tongue-in-cheek" suggestion..and it has this is Nimrod. :eek:

And this is the doeling..dubbed "Misty" We have her priced at $300

This is a CAE negative herd and they will have had their CD&T shots and will be disbudded. All ready for fair season and 4H :)
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