We have three ND wethers:

No. 1: Blue-eyed, gold wether, 18 months old. The white markings on his side look like a dragon! 🤩 He has lived with the two little boys (see below) off and on for a while now and does really well. He gets along with the does and our buck just fine as well.

No. 2: Brown-eyed, light gold wether, DOB: 01/25/23. Super sweet, but definitely has a stubborn streak. Both parents on-site.

No. 3: Brown-eyed, chamoisee wether, DOB: 01/25/23. Loves cuddles and will give kisses on command. His father is on-site, but we lost his mother several weeks ago due to pneumonia.

We are asking $200 for each of them. All are up to date on CD/T, copper, and deworming. All three are disbudded. PM me if you are interested.

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