Nigerian Dwarf Yearling Doe 4-Sale Ready to Breed! SC

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    Oct 6, 2007
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    ADGA & AGS Nigerian Dwarf doe for sale. She is open and ready to breed. I am in need of the funds so we are discounting her to $250.

    SGM PTC Echinacea
    3-2-09 Triplet
    Sire: Kids Corral PT Cruiser
    (Kids Corral Pat's Tenor x Kids Corral LB LunarSelene Blu)
    Dam: Little Tot's Estate Minuet
    (Woodhaven Farms Rand McNally x Little Tot's Estate Weigelia)
    Check out her half sister Gwen here.

    She is not friendly but has excellent genetics and should freshen just spectacularly. Her dam had a stunning udder which was smoothly blended in the fore and high and wide in the rear. Long plumb, well placed teats. Very easy to milk. She would tame down I believe with a smaller herd setting and of course being bred. She can be bred to one of our bucks for an additonal fee, your choice. She'll be back in heat this coming week around the 8th-9th.

    Beautiful doe!

    Email me @ [email protected] with any questions. Thanks!