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Name: (Still pending)
Breed: Mini Nubian 1st gen ( Part Nigerian Part Nubian)
Feeding style: Dame Feeding
Coloration: Black, Tan striping, Frosted ears / nose and a "goatee"
Born: June 5th 2014
Dame: Molly ( Nigerian)
Sire: Malichi ( Moon spotted nubian)
Asking Price : 100 Bottle baby 140 weaned
* Includes Shots*
Horned: Yes
*** Clean, closed, tested herd***

I would be able to register him if it wasn't for the fact i can't find his dames name.
hes absolutely adorable and I'm almost tempted to have him banded and keep him ( i have enough bucks!)
He's going to be my only nubian / Nigerian for a long time as i have " mini" Guernsey crosses that I would rather breed to my nigerian.

I will be having other goats, registerd and un registered coming available after bottle weaning. visit the sale page to see what we have and what we will have


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