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Male (Gold) 10 months, female 7 months. They have not been kept together but Nemo has managed to sneak over into the girls place a few times. He will be a great herd sire (I'm pretty sure he got my Saanen Doe already & She is quite a bit larger than He is)

Come with registration papers. Faith, the female is a bit shy but friendly. She is the Black w/white & has Blue Eyes..

You can't tell by the pics but both are on the small side especially Faith (Doe) Nemo, the young Buck is super friendly!
$275 OBO
Pics could be better but they are gorgeous! Located in Las Palomas New Mexico, 1.5 hours North of El Paso, 2.5 hours South of Abq. We are directly off of I-25 Can deliver for nominal Fee

Although they both come with papers, I never transferred them into our name. They both come from very good milking lines. Faiths mom had quints this year, 4 doelings, all survived.

Must sell as soon as possible!!

My Camera is on it's last legs so pics could be much better! The last pic is nemo when He was 5 weeks but shows his coloring better....





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