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    Jan 2, 2010
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    Hi. I currently breed standard Oberhasli, but I'm thinking of expanding into mini-Obies. Until today, the only registry I was aware of for mini-Obies was the MDGA. However, now I read about NMGA. Is one or the other "better" to register with? If registration of mini-Obies can be done with both, is there a reason to, or would just MDGA suffice?
    Thanks for your thoughts!
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    Oct 4, 2007
    MDGA is strictly for mini obers mini nubians mini manchas etc (the standard dairy goat mixed with a nigerian)

    NMGA is for any miniature goat -- can be a pygmy, kinder type, pygmyX nigerian mix

    So if you want to have registered mini Obers I suggest the MDGA

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    more then likely the adults / kids will be to large to register with the NMGA.

    I would look more towards the other - only because you are doing the "mini" standards - does that make sense?
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    Here is the height standards for NMGA (National Miniature Goat Association)
    HEIGHT- Miniature goats MUST meet height requirements for registration.
    Maximum measurements for PUREBRED book:

    Height at Withers, Length of Cannon

    0-6 Months 18 in., 4 in.

    6-12 Months 21 in., 4 in.

    1 and Older 23 in., 4 ½ in.


    0-6 Months 18 in., 4 ¼ in.

    6-12 Months 22 ½ in., 4 ¼ in.

    1 and Older 24 ½ in., 5 in.

    Maximum measurements for FOUNDATION book:

    DOES Height at Withers, Length of Cannon

    0-6 Months 24 in., 4 in.

    6-12 Months 28 in., 5 in.

    1 and older 30 in., 6 in.


    0-6 Months 24 in., 4 ¼ in.

    6-12 Months 28 ½ in., 5 in.

    1 and Older 30 in., 6 in.

    Here is MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association)

    On all mini breeds the required minimum height for American and Purebred shall be:

    Minimum height:
    Does: 23” Bucks 24”

    Measurements are taken at the highest part of the withers with the animal standing in a normal stance.

    For Maximum heights view the Breed Standard for your breed.

    I have one doe who is a purebred nigerian dwarf ( she is very nice) but is not registered AGS or ADGA. So I had her registered as a miniature with NMGA. I will be breeding her to my ND buck (reg. AGS, ADGA & NMGA)

    If you have a registered full size dairy goat and breed to a Registered Nigerian Dwarf then you would want to go with MDGA. The breed standard is taller then a Nigerian Dwarf but shorter then a full size dairy goat. Each mini with MDGA (Nubian, LaMancha, Alpine, Oberhasli, Saanen, Toggenburg) have there own standards
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    Wow.... the maximum height allowed for a mini fainter is 21 in. for either sex.... and you can't even register them until 3 years of age to be sure they will not go grow taller after 2.
  6. farmgirl42

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    Thanks, everyone. :) It seems that MDGA is the way for me to go.