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Hi, I went out to feed and I noticed that i saw a big pile of poop that looked more like dog poop then goat poop but it was in the goat house. When I let the does out I noticed another pile of it so I decided to watch over them to survey their poop. I saw that my two oldest does both had sticky poop as opposed to pellets. Lucy, our queen, had simply stuck together pellets. It turned out Ethel had the big pile of poop. What does this mean?
The three does and three kids split 4 quarts of Purina Dairy Goat feed in the morning. It could be that I had stopped milking at night because we wormed then I started it again last night. When milking I give each doe around 2 quarts of feed to keep them busy and the kids + one non freshened doe around 2 and half quarts of feed. They have access to a nice pasture full of greens.
Another concern is that Lucy also has been panting a lot recently, even when it's not hot outside.
Sorry this is such a long read I didn't want to leave anything out.
Oh and they're nubians if your wondering.
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