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Me and my family had the great idea to get into goats with the goal to create milk products such as goat soaps, lotions, cheeses and so on. So in august 2019 we bought our first three goats. A Nigerian dwarf buck and two does, Which quickly turned into 2 bucks and 6 does.
This year after lots of researching we decided to become members of the ADGA and aim to breed for quality rather than for pets and color. We've spent this year so far improving our herd, building a barn new barn for our goats, and putting up a decent sized pasture for them.
Last year we had 5 does kid with a total of 12 kids.
This year we now have 5 bucks (waiting on another one :hide:) and 19 does, 15 of which are bred :)
I have three groups of does with different kidding dates, First group consists of only three does, all due in December.
First up is Hazlenut, who is due in just a week! She was bred to our gorgeous Cappuccino

Next up is demi, we're super excited for this girl to kid! She was bred to Dreahook farms Merlin. due on Christmas day, hoping she'll kid on schedule and give us some Christmas babies, but our goats always seem to have schedules of their own

And lastly is Fudge, who was also bred to Merlin. She will be due on the very last day of December~

In group number 2 we have 4 does, one due on Jan the 13th, two due on the 17th, and then one due on feb the 15.

First up is Nutter, due on the 13th, bred to cappuccino.

Second up, Tilly. This will be her second freshening, we actually ended up retaining a doe from her first kidding, hoping for another doe from her again~

Next is Tilly's half sister, Ginny, who we also kept a doe from. She threw a beautiful doe with amazing depth! So we're also excited to see what she'll give us this year. She is also bred to cappuccino.

And lastly in group 2 is our newest addition, who we bought bred, is Etty, bred to Kindred Souls Everest. She will be due on Feb the 15th.

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Thanks you! we're praying for an easy kidding season this year. Fingers crossed!

For Group three will all be first fresheners, It'll be interesting to see how they develop!
Up first for group three is Lily, the doe we retained from Ginny. She is bred to our Moon doggy and is due on March the 13th

Next is Penny and her sister, Poppy. Due on March the 30th and April the 9th.
Poppy is bred to Mocha and due on the 9th of April

And penny is bred to Cappuccino, due on the 30th of March.
Eye Vertebrate Dog breed Plant Mammal

We then have Celeste, Elara, lacerta, Ophelia and Raffi.

Celeste, bred to Golden Boy, Due April the 9th.
Goat Tree Plant Fawn Terrestrial animal

Elara, Bred to Cappuccino, due April the 13th.
Plant Goat Natural environment Goat-antelope Tree

Lacerta, bred to Mocha and due April the 9th
Eye Plant Goat Mammal Tree

Ophelia, bred to cappuccino, due April the 14th.
Dog Plant Carnivore Gesture Dog breed

And Lastly, Raffi. Bred to Cappuccino and doe April the 22nd
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Yes! We'll definitely have a lot more kids than last year :hide: Thankfully we just finished putting up our 50' x 48' barn. So we should have lots of room now(woot)

Our demi is definitely a favorite around here, She's thrown some beautiful kids in the past and this will be our first time with her kidding so we're very excited to see what she's going to give us. She also comes from wonderful milk lines and is starting to get old so we plan on retaining any does she gives.

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Almost forgot about our bucks! We're definitely buck hoarders and can't get enough of them here apparently

Our oldest, Dreahook RS Merlin Castell
Plant Horse Working animal Terrestrial animal Grass

Hollands Haven Cappuccino
Plant Fence Goat Working animal Fawn

Hollands Haven Moon Doggy
Plant Goat Grass Fence Goat-antelope

Straightway Farms SF Golden Boy
Dog breed Carnivore Plant Companion dog Tree

And lastly Rayah's Nigerians Mocha
Goat Fence Camelid Goat-antelope Terrestrial animal

We recently put a deposit down on a pairing that'll hopefully throw a buck. He'll have lots of old mountain farm, J-Nels, Promisedland and Wooly Dog in his pedigree. So if things work out we'll soon have 6 bucks on the farm :hide:

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Thank you all!
Unfortunately it looks like the doe we put a deposit down for a buckling ended up having a false pregnancy. So instead we put another one down on her sister, SGCH Old Mountain Farm Jewel, who wont be kidding until late April/ early May. Fingers crossed for a buck! For now the 5 boys we already have will have to do~

On a happier note Hazelnut's ligaments are really starting to soften up. Her udder has finally started bagging up as well! It's nice and warm out so I was actually able to get the goats out into their pasture, They all seem to be enjoying the sun so far :)

Hazelnut for today, can definitely see a difference in her udder compared to last month's udder.
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Head Eye Insect Fawn Terrestrial animal
Goat Working animal Grassland Rural area Grass

Here's all the does enjoying a day out in the pasture/forest~
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Wood Tree Plant Natural landscape Working animal
Plant Plant community Natural landscape Branch Tree

Demi is also starting to get close, I noticed her ligaments are starting to soften and her sides were looking a bit hollow like she's dropped and had a bit of discharge on her back end. Hopefully she'll wait on the kidding. She's not due for another 2 weeks :hide:
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