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Not able to put on weight

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So my saanen Cloud had babies in April (I think it was april!)

Anyway, she put her all into feeding her babies. I chose to not milk her as her condition was poor.

Cloud has never really recovered from milking her kids.

Her body condition I would rate as emaciated. I've done fecals, and tested for cocci.

She is negative (a few worms here or there but not a large load and she's been treated).

Her eye lids are still pale. Her gums area pale. I would consider her emaciated. I am putting off taking her to the vet as we only really have dog and cat vets, so I'm better off doing most stuff myself.

I can draw blood, do you suggest any blood tests?

One thing that is worrying me, is her front knees are very knobby and creaky.

She has free forage, I have tried a variety of things over the last few months. Grain, extra alfalfa, corn, beet pulp, dairy cow grain, etc etc.

She has access to high protein weeds (partrige pea and other legumes) as well as grass, guava, albezia tree (high protein), etc etc.

Now I KNOW dairy goats are slimmer then other types of goats. I will get a photo tomorrow. She is probably 40 pounds under weight. Seriously.

I do not know what to do at this point.

What blood tests should I run that I can send off myself? My vet charges $120 for a CAE test. Yeah, seriously. I asked when my buckling had a cyst in his neck.

My goats are pretty healthy except for the occasional hoof rot. I've ordered the hoof rot vaccine and am almost done building the foot bath thing suggested.

I give vitamens, loose minerals, grain, alfalfa, orchard grass, beet pulp, etc etc.

I'm getting so frustrated! I feel like no matter what I do or how many hours per day I spend caring for goats, it's one thing after another!

Again, I'll get a photo tomorrow. So skinny! I can about wrap my fingers around her spine. :( She eats and poops normal too. Just fyi. lol
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oh, i'm sorry Dayna! I hope you figure this out soon. poor girl looks almost like a skeleton! I don't really have much to offer on this, except support. :hug:
i'm totally in your boat, Dayna. :hug: Except I have mediocre vets that laugh at me and suggestions I've learned on this forum and places like Fiasco Farms.

As for coconut, I give my girls leftover coconut pulp when I make milk at home. they love it. I would think coconut oil would be good as top dress too since it's easier for you to get there than the other oils.
that's great! but....the mystery continues......
1 - 4 of 79 Posts
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