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We have some dairy goats that were originally intended to be brush eaters and did a great job. Several years ago we bred them and have each year since. After we breed them, they feed babies and then after weaning, we just milk enough off for their comfort for a month or so until their bag is no longer full - they are dried off enough that their bag is flabby but our neighbor (who has never had goats but often gives helpful directions) insists although they have not been milked in about 6 months that we need to be milking them. She thinks they are full of milk and I would think if we tried to milk they would might get some milk from their udders? Don't know, it's been like I said about six months since we quit milking but they still have large rather floppy bags. She thinks since they are milk goats that we should always be milking them until they are pregnant again.

I would be interested in more knowledgeable dairy goat raisers to chime in on this.

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If the udders look very full ( a pic would be helpful) you could milk them completely out - once! - and make sure you sanitize teats after. It鈥檚 highly unlikely your girls are producing after 6 months , they may not have been empty when you stopped. Most breeders have a dry period of a few months between kiddings , rarely do you milk through unless you have a very high producing doe.

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Dairy goats do not have to be milked all the time. A dry period can be refreshing for both the goat and the humans that milk them. As long as their udder is not tight..leave them. You don't want to unplug their teats unnecessarily. 馃槈
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