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Thank you..!!
ALL of you..!!!
You have helped me SO much thru the last year!!!
You all have been my guiding light in the darkness, and my water in the desert...
When I was unsure, you answered my questions...
When I was worried, you helped me ease those worries...
When I was sad, you helped me lift my spirits...
When I was desperate, you gave me the answers...
When I panicked, you helped calm me...
And when I was curious, you filled the void....

I want to thank EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU.!!!!
This forum is a BLESSING in more ways than I could say..!!!

I also want to give an EXTRA special thank you to my beloved friend Sue..!!!
She does not like me calling her a "Goat Goddess".!!! But to me, a NEWBIE, she IS.!!! She is one of the MOST amazing people I have ever met.!!! She's knowledgeable, and wise, and kind, and smart, and I owe her more than I could possibly say!!!!
She saved the life of my beloved Goat, Chloe, on more than two occasions.... And I owe her my baby's life..!!!! :)
She told me that the greatest gift I could give her for all the kindness and knowledge she has bestowed upon me, was for me to teach others.... And I feel, in a LARGE way, that by just offering free trimming of goats in my area, that I am paying back for what this AMAZING woman had shown and taught me...
I am also starting to teach new goat owners about nutrition, and health, and how important companionship is to goats....
I feel like I KNOW how to care for my babies... All thanks to all of the people who have helped me here, AND, to my friend Sue... :)

THANK YOU.!!!!!!!!!!!

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If I could put to words how grateful I am, I would. I am 100% positive that this forum has saved some of my precious herdmembers. That is priceless to me.
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