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Not taking bottle

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Hello! I've actually raised quite a few goats in my life but I've never had this issue 😅
My husband and I recently got a couple bottle baby nubians, 2–3 weeks old. I've mostly had bottle babies starting off so nothing new to me.
They were doing alright the first few days but are now refusing the bottle. They eat their hay just fine and they learned quickly how to drink from the dogs' water. They bounce and play normally. The formula, bottle, and nipple are the same kinds that the breeder had them on and had no problems with. I was thrilled they used the brand I was accustomed to, too.
I usually feed them every four hours and then rest at night. We played, tried the bottle, but wanted sleep. Ok. I give them half an hour and try again so their schedule isn't too messed up. And try again. And again a few more times. And now we haven't had milk for 7 hours 😔
They'll come out and see me, bounce on me and everything, come look at the bottle, turn away, and go drink water and nibble hay.

Any ideas would greatly appreciated 🥰
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What is their temp? How much are you feeding per bottle?
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6?x a day feedings? Seems like a lot for 3 week kids
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Hows their poop? You maybe feeding too much. It can take 2 weeks for undigested milk to make babies sick. Get their weight and multiply that by 16 to get ttheir weight in oz. Then multiply that by 10 % to see how much milk per day they need. Divide into 3 to 4 feedings. 10% is just a starting place. Feel tummies after the bottle. You want a flat but firm belly. Not too poochy and not sunken in. Adjust as needed. BuT before that. If you have been feeding too much. Stop milk and feed electrolytes in place of milk for 12 to 24 hours to allow tummies to settle.
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