NOW, for the issue I am really worried over

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  1. I know everyone has lives etc. But I am really worried about Crissa, from Twilight farms. We have not seen her here and I have sent 2 or 3 emails of concern to her abby. Does anyong know her more personally?

    Stacey, and I elect Ruth for this one :wink: ...

    For the regulars here, what do you all think about a list of numbers etc for folks that are not around a while to check in on. I am very worried. She has been so great to me and I just am very concerned. I know wory wart all the way.

    Oh, I just remembered, I do have her number. I will try and find it now. :idea:
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    Oct 4, 2007
    JD she is on Facebook and fairly regular there. I wouldnt worry about her being in trouble. She goes AWALL from time to time and then comes back hangs around for a while and then gone again (from the board that is).

    I cant keep up with everyone who was on the board and most people rather keep their lives off board private and passing out phone numbers isnt really smart in this day in age unfortunatly.

  3. Yea, just a worry wort I guess. I did not know she was like me here. LOL How about Keren anyone heard from her?

    I think I have her on my facebook so I will try that later.
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    Nothing wrong with being a worry wort.... that means you have a good heart.... :hug: Keren ....can be found on Facebook....
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    Keren is still alive -- could use some thoughts and prayers as she is going through a tough time. But hopefully one day she can return to the board as she usually was.
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    This is such a great forum to have people concerned of others!!
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    theyre both on Facebook..havent heard from them in a bit. i think kerens pretty busy, and kidding season is on there in Aus.
  8. Well, I am glad they are still ok. I will do my best to look them up on facebook. I have to be honest with all I do on everything else, I lack on the ol facebook.

    And yes it is nice to know you have a place were you can be close with like minded people.