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I have finally figured out my Fall 2009 breedings. I have made some changes and sold several of my Alpines, only keeping the best American and French ( ok, one RG doeling too ) of what I had, and I'm very excited about my young, small herd.

I have also updated my website, though it is still a work in progress. There are new pics as well, but not the best, it was just me and my camera on timer - I promise to get good pictures this spring when it warms.

Keeping my numbers small will allow me to give everyone plenty of attention, have the time and room to show them all, as well as add/retain a couple more with out having too many. This however will also require me to sell most kids that are born, I just can't keep them all, so many nice kids will be offered for sale and possibly a milker. We plan to attend more shows, LA and one day test in 2010 if everything works out. Take a look and see if anything interests you Thanks !

NorthSky Alpines
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