Nubian Buck kids (spots!)

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    A friend of mine posted this to another group and told me i could post it here. These two kids look nice and have lots of spots and solid ears to boot! My favorite colors!

    I have 2 spotted Nubian bucklings for sale. Born 2/8/08. Very pretty> and from good bloodlines in a CAE-free herd. $150 ea or both for> $225. Photos here:> <http>> These babies are bottle fed and can go immediately if picked up. Will> provide milk to get you started if you do not have any. I would> consider meeting up to 100 miles away if you are unable to pickup.>> Located in Reidsville NC. For more information send inquiry to> [email protected] <mailto>>> They are a couple of spoile cuties already!> Anna Micciulla>

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    I am in Reidsville!!! Her and I are neighbors lol