Nubian Buckling- Jamestown TN

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    Sep 28, 2009
    I have a beautiful little Nubian Buckling for sale. His dam is Chorval SD Screamin' Mimi from Springhill Florida (a lot of Kastdemur in her lines!) and his sire is Foxwood Fire's Romeo. SOME REALLY NICE BLOODLINES ON THIS BOY!

    Mother has a milk sack that when it is full is Drop Dead Gorgeous! Daddy was spotted- dam is a brown with some white and a few black trim lines in the face.

    Both of the parents were CAE and CL tested by WADDL in Washington in September of last year- I have not had the chance to have them tested this year although he is being raised on a CAE preventative program. DOB- March 7th 2010- 2 weeks old as of yesterday. As bad as I hate to I will wether him out at 8-10 weeks old if he isnt sold before then

    I am willing to work with you and I am offering in the following ways:


    If he is bought now as a bottle kid- $100 unregistered
    $150 Registered

    If purchased Weaned: $200 Unregistered
    $300 Registered- Or trade to Registered buck or buckling- Nubian or LaMancha

    WIll post better pics this week. Can provide udder photos of dam- or you are welcome to come and see in person!
    I will only offer him as a wether after he turns 8 weeks old as he is just too good of a buckling to offer as a wether without giving him a chance as a herdsire. I ONLY OFFER BUCKS FOR SALE AS REGISTERABLE IF I WOULD USE THEM ON MY HERD! So far there has only been 3 bucks all year that I have offered as registerable.

    If interested please respond to this post or please call 931-879-9814 and ask for Katie.

    Thanks and God Bless!