Missouri Nubian Bucklings

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    Dec 1, 2019
    Missouri, USA
    Born April 7
    G6S normal
    Good milking lines
    On an herbal dewormer that has been working really well for my herd
    Socialized since birth.
    Their dam is a 3 y/o first freshener who's giving me about 1 gal./day. Pics #3 & #4 are of the dam's udder.
    Pics #5 & #6 are of dam. She's the one in the back on pic #6. Her rump looks a little steep, because I've been having some hoof trouble with her due to all the wet weather. But pic #6 shows how her rump/topline looked a few months ago when her feet were in good shape.
    Their sire is my 18 month old buck who also comes from heavy milking lines. Pics #7 & #8 are of the sire.
    These boys should add size and production to your herd. The grey one is especially hefty and broad. I think he'd be a good choice if you're looking for a sire for a combination meat/milk herd. These 2 have been browsing in the woods with their dam since they were a few days old. They are used to electric fences.
    No CL abscesses have ever been present in my herd.
    20200607_194832.jpg 20200608_120305.jpg 20200606_085729.jpg 20200606_085735.jpg 20200608_172026.jpg 20191119_173021.jpg 20200608_095335.jpg 20200516_191812.jpg