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Willow is a beautiful purebred Nubian doeling with great bloodlines. She was born March 14th and will be 10 weeks old this Thursday. She is friendly and has a lot of character. Willow is dehorned and gets a monthly herbal dewormer. She is also learning to lead with a collar. Her dam Meadow is a purebred Nubian in her first year of milk. She is giving a half gallon a day of sweet, great tasting milk and has a sweet disposition. Meadow's parents are registered. Willow's registered sire is the sweetest and gentlest billy we have ever owned. She will be a great future milk goat.
Asking $300

Fawn Goat Liver Terrestrial animal Working animal
Goat Fawn Terrestrial animal Landscape Livestock
Vertebrate Working animal Plant Mammal Tree
Plant Fence Fawn Terrestrial animal Goat
Goat Fawn Terrestrial animal Goat-antelope Snout
Leg Fawn Terrestrial animal Snout Human leg
Goat Goat-antelope Terrestrial animal Snout Fence
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