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Well, I have made the final decision to part with my Nubian/Lamancha girls... They were my first goats, and although I did learn a lot from having them, they are too much for me to handle alone... Hopefully my friend who is buying them will pick them up this week sometime.

I have a couple options that I'm excited about... Check out these cute Alpines... Born in March so they can potentially be bred Nov/Dec... Tested negative for disease etc... I'm just waiting on prices... before I make my decision....

Then 2 mo old Nubian kids.... She hasn't called me back yet, but also a disease free herd...

Then I could wait until Dec. to get a couple bottle baby doelings from St. John's Creamery... Since I do prefer bottle babies..., and I have an oberhasli buck, I might go with this option... Hmmmm me hold out until Dec... to get some doelings??? Yeah, not likely:)

Attached pictures are the Alpines last pic is my oberhasli buck..... Just thinking of the beautiful kids they could make..... No pics of the Nubians...


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