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Nubian that won't get up

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I have a 5 year old nubian nanny that would not get up. She eats and drinks fine she just won't get up. I can stand her up and she will stand but once down can't get up. Last week she got knocked over by another goat and I helped her up. Have no idea what could be wrong. Any ideas
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Meningeal worm

Or Polio/listeria

You can treat for both.

Is she pregnant at all , toxemia comes to mind if she is late pregnancy.
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My thought as well Pam...!!

Start treatment agressive!
Ifyou have white tail deer:
Meningeal worm needs Safguard at 1 cc per 7# orally and Ivomec plus , 1 cc per 40# sub Q and either Dex or banamine..

Polio/ listeriosis is Thiamine and Penicillin per the chart onthis link
Yes we have deer that run our big fields. Not been out there for a month. She has been with billy since middle of October. She acts normal just won't stand up trys to get front end up but not rear. Will stand once we stand her up
sounds more like the Meningeal worm...starts witht he back leg....Start treatment now...dont wait..the sooner you start the better her recovery chances are..
here is one of the best articles I found on MW
You need to start M worm treatment like yesterday. Get liquid Safeguard and give her 1cc per 7 lbs for 5 days in a row and get Ivomec Plus and dose at 1cc per 40 lbs. Read the above links posted.

Incubation for M worm is 60 days so she would have ingested it 2 months ago.
I owuld also watch the rest of your herd as well...look for a slight drunken gait, a crossing of theback leg when walking..any weakness at all, start treatment...
I have cydectin on hand can I use it or iveromec plus.
You can use Cydectin. Needs to be given by injection so hopefully you have the injectable kind. If it is oral, don't give that by injection.
How common is this worm I have never heard of it
This seems to be a very bad year for it but it is common anywhere that there is white tail deer.
I do have the injectable kind
I don't know what the dosage is for Cydectin but whatever the normal dosage is for goats is what you use.
the reason many choose Ivomec plus is to cover the bases better since IV Plus gets liver fluke...which is also carried by snails...I would choose it over Cydectin...
Ok I will get some tomorrow morning. Should I also treat her for polio to
it wouldnt hurt to treat her with thiamine...
If all you have is cydectin then start with that...but the Safe guard is the most important wormer to start ASAP...Also Banamine or dex ...
If I wanted to treat my herd just be safe what should I do
One last question if I can't find liquid safe guard is horse paste safe guard ok.
Yes but do like 4 to 5 times the horse dosage.

Prevention is Ivomec monthly so most people don't do that.
I did use ivomec plus but my vet said cydectin was better so I switched. I will be switching back
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