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Sam's nubian doe finally had her babies. Now we know why she made us wait so long when she was already so huge - triplets!

Of course, after being shut in the kidding pen for a week, Sam decided to let her out in the main pen for the day yesterday. She scraped a hole in the dirt and had the kids there -- I think they were born very shortly before we found them -- three kids in a mudpuddle with mom desperately trying to clean them.

Two does and a buck. The largest is the moonspotted doe (keeper! Sam is so happy!). She has a smaller moonspot on the other side as well. The smallest (and loudest) is the other doe who is a paler color. Both does are standing in the picture -- and most of the time. The buckling is medium in size, but seems to have a lot more trouble keeping his legs under himself. He's two-tone chamoisee and quite flashy!

Unlike the others in our herd, Sam's nubian doe is registered and was bred to a registered (moonspotted black) nubian buck.
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