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Nubians vs. Alpine

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Hello everyone!

so ive been wondeing whats better alpine or nubian?

I know they both give about the same amount but which has a better temperment? which milk tastes better? :wallbang::think:

Thanks everyone!!
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Well actually typically Alpines give more milk than Nubians. Nubians milk has more butterfat and is therefore richer. I think taste depends on the individual animal, feed, and the person's taste preference.
Some say Nubians are loud, mine are actually very quiet. Nubians are generally very friendly, but I would think they are very friendly Alpines too. It just kinda depends on your preferences. Most Nubians top out at around 12-14 pounds a day production whereas Alpines regularly milk around 16 pounds a day and can go quite a bit higher. For me though a gallon and a half a day which is the same as 12 pounds is plenty. You need to know your needs and preferences.
I agree with Leslie :) I have not tasted Alpine milk, however, but it's really about preferences..
Our first goats were 2 Alpine does. Nice milk production. But they were nasty, hard to catch, pushy, bossy, pushed ANY younger goat around. They turned some of the family off goats. And definitely turned me away from Alpines.
I'm hoping to get a Nubian more Alpines for me!
But some Alpines may be real nice, make sure you ask about personality! It's as important as anything else.
Alpines have higher milk production, but Nubians tend to have creamier milk. Both kinds taste the same in my experiance.

My Alpine Doe peaked at 5 quarts at her first freshening, and 1 year later is still milking 3 quarts a day.

My FF Nubian doe peaked at 2 quarts (My ND could beat that!), and within 2 months was down to .5 quart a day.

Out here in CA, most Nubians are bred as meat/milk goats, so you end up with a slightly meaty goat that gives a little bit of milk.
As for personalities: my Nubian was always a worry-wort & never fit real well with the herd, & my Alpine is the sweetest herd queen ever ;)
Thank you for your opinions. Im really at a crossroads here, right now i have a alpine doe and wether and a alpine/nubian cross doe. Both my full alpines are really pushy and mean to my nubian cross (she absolutely HATES fighting) and i had heard that nubians are friendlier. Thank you guys :) im just gonna have to do alot of thinking. :hammer:
I'm totally not biased at all, I love my alpines. ;) Mine are very friendly. They aren't overly pushy, and they're real sweet. Of course it could be the way I raised them. I bottle raised them, and didn't let them be pushy with me or anyone else.
You know Emma you make a very good point, I also didn't respond to mine's vocalizations beyond saying hello and going about my daily chores/business. It could be they learned that being loud didn't get them anywhere really early and learned to be quieter.

Also I want to say, when I say Nubians top out at around 12-14 pounds what I mean is there are rarely any that give more than that, but I have heard of many that give 4-6 pounds or a half to 3/4 gallon a day. You have to look for Nubian does from good producing dams.
I find Alpines harder to keep inside the fence then any other breed. Both of my older does are Alpine/Nubian crosses and they are gentler, sweeter, and much more easy going than the one full Alpine doe I have. My Alpine buck can jump a 5 foot chain link fence from a standstill.
I agree with you that its probably how they were raised but i bought my alpine doe when she was already 3 so that probably has alot to do with it. Im also nervous that when she has her kids she will only get pushier. I feel so bad for my little cross she just stands in the corner waiting for her to leave so she can go about her business and i dont care much about their milk production although i am gonna look for good does, i care more about their attitude :)
Hmmmm, good question. First of all like everyone said it is personal preference. I raised Nubians years ago and when I got back into goats, I was going to get them again but ended up getting alpines as that was what I could get in my area at the time. So having raised both, I have noticed a few differences. The milk from the Nubians is much creamier than the alpines and the stock that I had, just happened to be heavy milkers, but on average, alpines are heavier producers than nubians. . My alpines are also heavy milkers but the milk is not as creamy so it takes more to make my butter. The one thing I love about the alpines compared to my Nubians is their voices. I hardly know that I have goats now cause they are sooooo quiet. The Nubians let you know if they were not happy with that MAAAAAAAAAAAA I do agree that the alpines are a bossier breed than the nubians but I just make sure there are lots of hay feeders so they all get their share. So once again it is personal preference.
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I've had both :)

Alpines... they are much bossier in general towards other breeds of goats. Among themselves they seem to get along well but it is probably because they are all bossy lol. They do produce more than Nubians on average, but if you get Nubians from some of the top milking herds in the country and feed/raise them right you will have does that will give 16 lbs or more at peak. Feed is EXTREMELY important with any goat to get the milk you want from them, genetics is also very important too. Some Alpines are poor milkers, and some Nubians are poor milkers. Alpines do jump and LOVE to be as high up as they can be. I had a kid that loved to stand in the old cow stanchion in my barn, every morning and every night there she was lol. Alpines are pretty quiet too and tend to just have softer voices, they don't scream like the Nubians can.

Nubians... All of the ones I have had were very gentle, very friendly and loved people. They never showed any attitude towards me or the other goats. On average most Nubians will give 8 lbs per day or a little more. Ones from some of the top herds that are fed and raised correctly will easily give double but a general Nubian will milk less than an Alpine. Nubians also tend to take much longer to mature than Alpines, some will take 3-4 freshenings to really come into their milk. A lot of them need to be held over their first year and bred to kid the first time as a 2 year old rather than a yearling as they aren't big enough. Most Nubians are louder, but the one I have now is very quiet. I don't even hardly know she is there. They seem like they are mostly louder because when they do make noise they SCREAM lol

Nubian/Alpine crosses tend to be really good. They give more milk and have a higher butter fat.

If you want a VERY quiet goat, get a Saanen. They don't make a peep, come in do their job (milk) go out, eat and do their own thing. They have excellent personalities, give tons of milk (if they are fed right) and are the largest of the dairy breeds. They can be harder to raise because they do grow so fast and often it is better to let them grow another year rather than breed them even if they are big enough. They milk right from the get-go and a lot of them will drop weight if they aren't being fed to manage their weight and milk production. The only con with Saanens, they only come in white ;)
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Sables are Saanens in party clothes.......
I think right now im leaning more towards nubians i mean how much milk they give doesnt matter too much to me id be more concered about the quality. And i like that about the nubian/alpine crosses, im thinking i might get some nubian does and then cross them with alpines :ponder:
I personally like my alpines the best. I used to raise nubians, and they just aren't for me. :)
I don't have any issues with my alpines escaping, but they are bossy. And the milk quantity you get with an Alpine is more, 16-24lbs a day per doe is normal here (2-3 gallons).

But when milk isn't a factor, go for whichever breed you like best :)
Yes exactly the milk isnt a big deal since ill really only be using it for my family (3 of us) attitude is a bigger deal. Im like if my animals dont get along we are gonna have a major problem lol. But ya im defenitly leaning towards nubians:type:
I went with Nubians because they're popular around here which makes buying and selling easier, but I sure love them! Mine are only loud when I'm around the barn and they want something, as long as they're comfortable and have food they don't yell. Actually my newest one is one of the quietest goats I've owned - I've only heard her bleat softly a few times. I find them to be very friendly (assuming they're handled from birth, whether or not they're bottle fed) and they have a lot of personality compared to some breeds. Although my favorite goat is actually a Boer/Toggenburg, but I don't expect to find another like her in any breed!
Sables are Saanens in party clothes.......
Hahaha! too true!
We started with Alpines, and the milk has been very abundant. We did specifically search for lines that have abundant milkers. Milk is soooooo delicious. But we also started with, and specifically bought lines that have delicious milk. And I love the wonderful personalities of each one. My biggest buck plays ball with my son.

Like horses, we have a few does who are boss. keeping the others in their place. The more does we added, the bossier they became to try and keep their postion at top. But they are not mean, nor rude. At least not to us.

We bought our first Nubian this summer, a weanling, who was wild-dam/brush raised...altho she really 7/8 nubian and 1/8 alpine. She was hard to get a hold of but gentled down fine. She is mouthing. And curious and friendly. I am looking forward to tasting her milk.

I spoke w/ a fella yesterday who said there are Nubian lines (limited) that were specifically bred to produce 3 gallons a day and more. (that's not a typo.) WOW...would I love to have one of those. What a feed:milk ratio !!

I believe all breeds of animals have within them the nasty ones and the nice ones. Buy from lines (parents) that are what you want. I think even chickens can inherit calmness and friendliness or nastiness no matter their breed. And I am a firm believer in the Bible...Genesis (in Eden) says to be a good steward of the animals. If we are good to them, from birth on up...a great relationship develops :)

Buy what makes you happy...isn't that the point of having your own animals?
Merry CHRISTmas !!!!!
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