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  1. I also posted this in the dairy dairies.
    I just got 2 Nubians today. a 4 year old in milk and her daughter who was born January 29th. I notice on the feed I feed my boers it say not for lactating goats. What does that mean? and what is a good feed to feed her? I am going to have to worm her and the baby. They don't look like they was taking care of very well. The 4 year old is use to being milked but when I went to millk her she had a fit.
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    What kind of feed are you feeding?

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    Most likely the feed contains a cocci medication. Since it isn't approved for lactating goats, they can't give you a milk withdrawl time.
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    The Monensin is the cocci medication. Maybe get different feed and feed them separately from the Boers.
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    I have fed meat goat feed to my milkers when they have their kids on them and I am not using their milk, it's usually higher in fat. I have also, just for me, drank their milk when they have been eating it and never had a problem, but it was only a once in a while thing.

    Any decent dairy goat feed would work. You want a higher protein % than most meat goat feeds contain. I use Blue Seal goat feeds for my herd. The boys and kids get the meat goat grower and the does get the dairy goat feeds, mostly the pellets.

    Goats are not big on change. Her moving to a new place and having someone strange (as in unknown, I'm not calling you weird!) molest her teats and steal her precious milk from her baby will cause most does to act crazy. I recently had to go in the hospital for surgery. My son has to do chores for me until I am allowed to do it myself. (hip replacement). The does knew him, as he was in the barn feeding the bottle kids and giving the girls their hay and water, but when he tried to milk them........woohoo! rodeo time! There are limits some of these girls have, and my son surpassed those limits! LOLOL After a full week, they are finally relaxed with him and will let down and not try to stomp him into the ground.
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  6. I was able to get the feed she is use to. And I'm taking my time with her to get use to me milking her. She is doing better. Her daughter was bottle feed. But her son was on her. The lady did milk her before I got her and said she does good.
  7. I will post pictures of them today. To see what you all say about them. It has been awhile senses I have had dairy goats.
  8. This is only her 2nd kidding too. not sure if that make any difference.
    This is Mia. and she is registered.
    20180326_083924.jpg 20180326_083914.jpg

    This is Daisy May. I could registrar her if I want. Pictures do not do her justice. She has some cool coloring going on.
    20180326_084050.jpg 20180326_084043.jpg
  9. She did better this mornings milking. I got more milk out of her then I did yesterday. my one son is so happy to be able to drink goats milk
  10. So I want to give them both worm medicine and Bose and CDT. I want to use Epernex on them because of lice and i don't know if they have mites so that would take care of all. I just did my boers last week. what is the withholding on milk to drink with all this being done?
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    Get a fecal done to include coccidia. What type of wormer will depend on the type of worms that are present. Withdrawal will depend on the type of wormer used. It seems like the young one is hunched unless she is just really steep in the rump- so I would get a fecal done right away. Good luck with them!
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    No milk withholding on Bo-Se or CDT. The wormer will depend on what is used. But, if you are not selling the milk, (withholding times are for general population), you won't have to dump the milk for the full time.
  13. She was about ready to jump up on the gate. I want to use Ivermecton Epernex pour on for dairy and beef cows. it says no with holding. the milk is just for us to drink.
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    All good advice.

    Yes, the eprinex pouron says no withholding.
  15. She almost gave me a half gallon this morning. She is doing better. If she has her grain she stands fine but as soon as the grain is gone she starts acting up. Can not wait to see how she does in a couple of weeks. Hopefully no sitting down and kicking when milking. She loves her neck scratched.
    I pet and scratch her back softly before I milk her and after so she gets use to me. And everytime I do she flinch and trys to move away from me. But that is starting to get better to.
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    Put a bucket under her belly, if she tries to sit down. So you can milk her.

    Glad things are going good. :)
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    I could not tell from your posts if she actually has parasites, or if you want to treat her, "just in case" Don't put poisons in or on her "just in case" only if she needs it.
  18. I know she has lice and she may have mites. and I sent pictures of her to my vet and we talked about if she needs to be wormed. I am trying to get a hold of the previous owner to see when she did worm her last.
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