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    Because finding science goat facts can be hard since there is not a lot of research done on goats here are some notes from my animal science college course that my nerd side is obsessing over. You guys might appreciate.

    Did you know that too much protein can cause
    -Water and electrolyte lose (increase sweating)
    -Heat exhaustion

    Did you know Non-ruminants need more Amino Acids than ruminants due to their protein synthesizing ability

    Fat soluble vitamins are
    A- which leads to healthy eyes, good conception rate, and disease resistance
    D- Bone development, blood mineral balance
    E- Reproduction and muscle development
    K- Helps with blood clotting
    Water soluble vitamins are
    C- Teeth/bone formation, prevention infection
    B Complex- Appetite, growth and reproduction.

    Too much water soluble vitamins will be excreted in urine
    Too much Fat Soluble vitamins can either dissolve in fat, remain in the body for long periods or lead to a toxic build up stored in fatty tissues, liver and kidneys.

    Female sexual organs use the vitamins, A, B1, D and E

    Many vitamins need another vitamin assist in the release and utilization- "lock and key" effect like Vitamin E and selenium

    Vitamin A deficiency in ruminants can include reduced feed intake, rough hair coat, night blindness, edema, scours, seizures, increased susceptibility to infection, abnormal sperm, abnormal bone growth, low conception rates, abortions, stillbirths and weak newborns
    Vitamin D Deficient can look like, rickets ( this slid isnt as indepth)
    Vit E/Selenium- Deficiency causes White muscle disease (classification of striated muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac muscles)
    Thiamine Deficiency- "Star gazing" Poor hair coat (or feathers)
    Vit K- Bruising, unable to form blood clots, bleeding gums, blood in urine or stool or liver disease

    I have a lot of slides from college I am going through so if anyone is interested in seeing more of these let me know and I can post some more.
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    ohhh interesting! Thinking about it, it does make sense!

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    Thank you for this! I always love stuff like this, and I would definitely enjoy seeing more. :)
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    I can bring up more soon. Organizing all the folders and old files.
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    The vitamin K one always gets me, something we never think of. One of those quiet vitamins
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Thanks, I am adding this to my note book.
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    I hope its okay that I steal this picture. This shows where the different vitamins are used upload_2020-12-4_19-7-13.png
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    That is cool. Thanks!
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