NW Ohio: ADGA Nubians - Milker, doeling, and buckling

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    Oct 16, 2007
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    First I have a 2 year old, 2nd freshner Purebred doe.

    Quarter Mile Carizma

    SS: Kastdemur's LE Exacta
    S: Kastdemur's Freelance
    SD: Kastdemur's Finesse

    DS: Prairie-Patch Miller
    D: Lassenwood Miller Colorado
    DD: Lassenwood Zen Reddest

    This doe would be a good milker for a small family. She gives about 1/2 gallon a day. Easy to milk and stands well. Pretty head, good feet and legs, and she is fairly level over the topline. $350

    Purebred doeling born in April.

    State Line RS Carly

    SS: Remuda Winter Constellation
    S: Remuda RWC Stetson
    SD: Remuda RJ Peggy Sue

    DS: Kastdemur's Freelance
    D: Quarter Mile Carizma
    DD: Lassenwood Miller Colorado

    I am keeping this kid's sister. Good width in the rear, level topline, good ears, could use a bit more arch in the nose, but it's not straight. She's got plenty of pliable skin. She's a sweet little girl. $250

    Purebred buckling born also in April.

    State Line KM Mambo (not yet registered)

    SS: Kastdemur's Audacious
    S: Kastdemur's AM Mojito
    SD: Kastdemur's Misha

    DS: LakeShore EX Summer Sin (Summer Storm son)
    D: Quarter Mile Marla
    DD: Quarter Mile Minnie's Mulieke (maternal sister to Prairie-Patch Miller)

    What a handsome little dude! Flashy and correct. Wide in the rear, long, level topline, good feet and legs, and good dairy character. His dam is one of my best does. She milks 8-9lbs. (Well that was before our recent heat wave that was in the upper 90's! Her production is coming back up now) $350

    Mambo's dam:

    http://statelinedg.webs.com/ There are a few more pics on my website and the pedigrees also have all the CH's, *M's, *B's, ect. added. I am located in NW Ohio. You can contact me by emailing me at [email protected] or by PMing me here. Thanks for looking!