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well I got home last night and went straight out (almost) to visit the 3 goatlike creatures.

Much to my horror, Whisper and Harmony both had abcesses! Harmony's was only a very tiny one, but Whisper's was at least the size of a dime if not a bit bigger.

I had vaccinated them 2 weeks previously using a new sterile needle (something I rarely do!) and I spoke to the vet on the telephone and he thinks that this is where the abcesses came from.

Harmony's is pink and bare of hair with just a small gooey bit - I sprayed it with antibiotic spray and let it be.

Whissy's, on the other hand, was all gooey and with a big clump of hair and lump in the middle. At the vet's instructions I cleaned it out with salt water - and the whole lump came away like a plug. Underneath it was a hole with red and grey and white knobbly bits. I got it as clean as possible, sprayed the area with antibiotic spray and then gave her an injection of 2ccs penicillin and 2ccs streptomycin.

Harmony's abcess today:

Whisper's abcess today:

Whissy's one is amazingly better, it's scabbing up and the yellow stuff is the antibiotic spray I think. *sighs of relief*

if anyone has any suggestions on after care for abcesses... I've never had one before!!!!!!!

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i had that happen with Aspen - I haven't vaccinated her since.

I just kept putting wonder dust on it till it healed up as the flesh underneath was so raw and I didn't want an infection.

So far I think you have done the best things for it. Just keep up the good work.

That is so frustrating when you aren't home much though
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