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Oats and alfalfa pellets?

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So I've been looking at whole grains, is oats,alfalfa pellets, and BOSS ok?
Does it help with growing and weight gain? And can I also get the oats at our co-op or something? Thanks:)
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That should work ok. Say you did 2 lbs of oats, and 1 lb of alfalfa pellets (what kind of hay are you feeding?) Alfalfa pellets vary in protien, but lets just say yours are 14%. Oats are 12%.

Alfalfa Pellets = 14%
Oats = 12%

1 x 14 = 14
2 x 12 = 24

14+24= 38

38/3 = 12.6%

1 part alfalfa pellets and 2 parts oats have 12.6% protein. Then you would top dress with your BOSS.
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Oats, alfalfa pellets, and BOSS works well. I would add rolled barley to it for B vitamins but, it's probably not necessary. Yes, you can get grains at your Co-op.
When feeding whole grains they should always have a source of alfalfa (pellets or hay) and the best minerals you can find.
Oats do support growth, weight, and lactation. They are also a very high energy food. You will notice the difference in how they act. If they get too wound up, switching to rolled oats will bring the energy levels down a bit.
Ok I'm glad that it sounds like a good mix:) and we have like grass hay as well.

Should I add barley?
What about dry cob w/o molasses in it? It has whole corn, oats and barley mixed together. I was thinking of adding alfalfa pellets. I will have to mix with sweet feed for now though, since they are used to getting it, and slowly get them off it. They also have good hay, manna pro minerals and kelp meal. Would this be complete? I know corn isn't the best for them, and my picky clan didn't eat BOSS the last time I tried them. Would this also be good for milkers as well?
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