Ober Doe and Kids at a Distance

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    Feb 7, 2008
    At the farm where my daughter's Alpine was bred, my daughter chose a beautiful black Oberhasli doe to buy. "Ember" was due to kid the end of this month and we needed to arrange transportation to the school farm. Well, no one was able to move the doe in a trailer and we wanted her comfortable for the ride from her home. The time drew near and Ember chose her "kidding spot" in the barn, so we decided to leave her at her home until after she kidded.

    That turned out to be a very good thing. Ember developed ketosis. If she had been out at the school farm, she would have died. I have no doubt of that.

    When the breeder called my daughter , she told her that Ember might not survive. even with treatment and care. She would do everything she could for her, but she was in bad shape. The question came, "Do you still want to buy her?"

    Being my daughter, of course she said "Yes." There are many beautiful pregnant Obers and some nice Alpines out at the breeder's farm, but my daughter wants the one she originally chose -- the one in trouble. :roll:

    Things look better now. Last night Ember kidded with two large bucklings :boy: :boy: They're red, so they can be registered. Ember began eating soon after the birth. She's improving, but will need to stay put for several more days.

    Here's the herd Mom and boys are from: http://www.oberjoyed.com/index.shtml
    The bucklings' sire is a close relative of the Spotlight Doe on the home page.

    I'll post pics when we get a chance to see the new little guys. Our first dairy babies. :stars:
    Yay! The adventure continues.

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    :clap: :leap: :stars:

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    Jan 7, 2009
    Congrats!! Hope she fully recovers :leap: :stars:
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    congrats......... :greengrin: :leap:
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    What a kid you have! Her positive thoughts are what has kept "her" doe going! Congrats on the babies and I hope that mom recovers fully in no time.