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What happens when you have a friend who is goat crazy, just like you? Obviously, she buys you a goat lol. Back in the summer, I unfortunately, lost my beautiful buck, Jasper. I tell you that hurt so bad.. I promised Jasper I would wait a year and a half before even looking for a buck, I had actually convinced myself I wouldn't get another full Nubian buck, and instead just stud my friends buck. Well, that all changed tonight, and not by my doing. I'm definitely not complaining, I'm absolutely in love. My friend, Miracle got me a Black Dog Farm buckling, and I'm absolutely obsessed with him♥. He is so sweet and he reminds me so much of Jasper... He is a gentle soul. To say I'm overjoyed is am understatement. She went to AL to get him for me.. And, I couldn't be more thankful for her. She Is a real friend, and one who understands me. She may not be perfect.. ha, neither am I. But man, I don't know hardly anything I wouldn't do for her, as she's absolutely my bestest friend. She's just like a sister to me. We are only a few years apart in age, making the sister theme for us better than friends. I'm so, so grateful for her. She has been great to me and my family. And now, blessed us with this beautiful little boy. In the end, I didn't break my promise to Jasper, as I definitely wasn't looking for one. He just found his way to me, by Miracle. I'm in love♥
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