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ok here is a question for all of ya

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Ok, so I have this doe that I bought as a bred doe, she was bred 7/28 which would make her due 12/21/07. Then she came to my house and came into another heat septemeber 8th and then again sept 12th.that would make her due not till the beginning of feb......well she is huge already, and being she would still have 2 more months to go and she is already humunous is there a possibility that she will kid on the very very first breeding date and she goes in the next 2 weeks or do you guys thing she will wait the next 2 months, I would be amazed. I will try to get some pics, she is poofy in the rear and getting udder development. what you all think??
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Im not sure, I just find it amazing how those could have been fake heats. I mean she hides her pregnancy really well, and she is already huge!! I just cannot imagin her waiting 2 more months! Her udder is no where near full, so I am not sure if she could go 2 more months. If she does she is defiently haveing 3 big babies or quads, no doubt. I will go get some pictures and that will be able to help you. thanks
Well I am really not too worried about the udder, I have seen some develop them early and I have seen some not develop anything till they kid, so I am not payin too much attention to the udder. What I am noticing is that girl is huge!! Her sides, I swear, she looks like she could have triplets right now, and to go 2 more months, thats just amazing. I was pretty busy today and couldent get pictures, but I promise I will tomarrow, has anyone had a goat show this early and be this big? thanks guys
I went down there today and she is even bigger.....I swear she is gonna have either 3 really big babies or quads, she is just massive. I am sorry I STILL have not posted pictures but I have been busy. Hopefully tomarrow I can get an early start and get out there first thing in the morning. But a doe can come into a false heat, breed with the buck and everything then act like she is in heat again about 5 days later and all those are false heats. I mean she was in heat every time her daughter was in heat breeding to the buck so that could have been the problem, too many hormones running around.....mmmmm I swear I should just go get her ultrasound. Ok thanks
wow really? thats amazing, here in california they usually want and arm and a leg, but sometimes just an arm! lol. I just need to be paintent. But I am headin outside to get pics and to finish painting my barn!
FINALLY!!!! Pictures~~~

Ok so here she is, now she is due 2/1-2/05 but her first breeding she is due 12/ what do you all think???
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Thats what I am guessing, quads or quints! I am not too sure about her past wether or not she fills up real fast before she kids...I think I was told she does but honestly by the look of that udder I am not 100% sure she is gonna go. Her ligaments are still hard as rock, and usually they should be softer by now.....I am thinking she is gonna go by the 1st of februaury....and those babies are gonna grow and grow and grow in that last month....oh geeze, any one want some babies there will be plenty to go around!!!
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