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ok here is a question for all of ya

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Ok, so I have this doe that I bought as a bred doe, she was bred 7/28 which would make her due 12/21/07. Then she came to my house and came into another heat septemeber 8th and then again sept 12th.that would make her due not till the beginning of feb......well she is huge already, and being she would still have 2 more months to go and she is already humunous is there a possibility that she will kid on the very very first breeding date and she goes in the next 2 weeks or do you guys thing she will wait the next 2 months, I would be amazed. I will try to get some pics, she is poofy in the rear and getting udder development. what you all think??
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Sounds to me like she was bred the first time and had fake heat the next. The uddering up rarely happens two months before they kid. It can happen though.
It's hard to tell. Can you feel any babies on the right side? Most of my does would have more of an udder by now if they were due on the 21st. But some does don't fill until they are actually in labor. You don't have a picture of her from the side, but from the other pictures it doesn't look like she has 'dropped'. My does usually shift the position of the kids down about the week before they kid. Your doe may well be due in Jan/Feb and just has a good sized tummy already. I had one older doe who was always that wide - even when she wasn't carrying kids! :D
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