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I don't know if its just me or not but I CAN'T find Orchard hay in Oklahoma!

If you can find it let me know because I would love to get some!

Okay, now to my point, I found a guy in Joplin that has really nice Alfalfa Orchard mix hay. I don't know a lot about hay but it looked nice in the pictures. He says he has never has any complaints about it from the horse farms that buy from him. He doesn't have any right now but will by the end of May. He says he charges depending on the quality of the hay so I don't even know what he will charge.
He is willing to deliver a semi load (650-+) but I could never use that many bales nor could I afford it!
So I was thinking about getting a bunch of goat farms big and small together to buy semi load and have every one meet at one location to pick up their order.

I have no clue how the money aspect will work so everything is just an idea right now. I'm open to suggestions! If you would be interested let me know!
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