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Old Milk?

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This is kind of a long story that leads to a short question, haha!

So I dam raised for the first time last year and my doe, Ila, didn’t wean her kids for a LONG time (she was still producing milk in December, she gave birth to the kids in May 2021)

When she finally stopped feeding them I asked on here if I should milk her out so she could produce fresh colostrum for her new kids, who are due in a little over two weeks.
Y’all said I should so I did that in around February I believe. The milk was old, it was clear with a yellow tint. I asked on here if that was normal and y’all said it was just old milk.
Anyways, her udder never shrunk and it looked like it had some milk still in there. Now that she is getting close to kidding, her udder is twice the size it usually is at this stage. She usually doesn’t fill up until like 1 week before kidding.
My question is… is it ok if old milk is mixed in with the colostrum? Or should I milk her out immediately after she kids and find some colostrum to supplement the kids for the first few hours until she fills back up?
Don’t worry, I won’t do anything until after she kids! I know milking her now could cause her to have contractions. :)
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It should be ok.
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I agree ☝
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