Once again, I need help (mentally) haha 24hr goat trip

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    So it seems my darlings cannot be sold, and I am taking them with. **wipes sweat as Dad glowers at her across the room**
    So I have a 2 month old baby, a Nigerian Dwarf and a very pregnant yearling Lamancha....
    does anyone know where I can buy used XLarge kennels????? I only have a Lab sized large which will fit my Nigerian and a medium for my baby . . . . my lamancha grew during her pregnancy in both size and length so I am having a hard time finding a dog kennel that will fit her. . . . . or maybe you have a 'plan' for building a wooden one????
    :GAAH: And what do you do with a goat who 'will not come out' of her crate for walks?????? My Nigie and her baby'll have no issues with this whatsoever but . . . . my Lamancha will have no part of it!!!!
    SAVE ME :GAAH: :hair: :GAAH: :hair: :GAAH:
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    Try craigslist.... sometimes they have ads for XL kennels... :greengrin:

    The goat that won't come out for walks....put a collar on her... and a rope on her and make her come out.... :wink: :greengrin: