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    Nov 9, 2009
    brought two more home last night ,, one doe is mine and the other is a boarder that we will be transporting back to their original owners sometime this spring..going back tonight to get my other wether a black with blue eyes,, he is really striking and the other doe's daughter..then all i'll have left is the big wether which is the brother to my twin sisters here and my buck,,
    that buck looks so prehistoric,, he is shaggy and the long scurs just make him look so funny.. cant wait to get them all home..got a good deal on a wooden milking stand with ramp..just my size I'm only 5'3"so not much bending over from now on..also getting two grey backed geese to go with..He is a spotted cream i guess you'd say.. when hubby gets back from trucking will get them all posed for pics.. then can share..also got a call last night on some giveaway peacocks,, cant wait to here what the gist is on that.. if it happens will get those in May..
    Hey know anyone who is great with wood,, I need an ark,, quick LMAO
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    That is very exciting... :clap: can't wait to see pics.......... :wink: :greengrin: :thumbup: